Wednesday, January 27, 2010

17. babysitting is FUN(:

today was heaps of fun(: i babysit this guy Connor, & today was the last day i'm babysitting him for these holidays! i had to go & change my school subjects today, which was kinda cool
'coz i saw a friend
of mine there(: , but before hand we took the time out to take these auh-mazing photo's(: and yeah, my brother was also there, (he's in the background of two of them) *these haven't been edited at all!* - the pink/purple light was where we were on a playground! we took TONS of photo's but these were just a few of them(: we also fed DUCKS! which was so much fun -- cheap thrills much(: MG, - reminder of cheap thrills photos chlobro ? xo
when we got home we went down to this like waterhole thing on the golf course beneath my house that he told me about & i've been to before with them & their dog. it was soooo hot today & i got a nice tan from being out there for a few hours(: going on holiday tomorrow, a friend of mine up north has an outdoor heated pool ; gonna be spending all day everyday there(: photo's, of course. posted when i get home probably. xoxo

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