Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

35. for the amazing, gorgeous, briar.

this post is for you, as promised(: the first photo i took just before actually, it's a new disney jersey i bought over the easter weekend, which i've always wanted! it's sooo comfy, haha. the second photo i took just randomly as i text you bee, just after i'd painted my nails purple, and then did stripes over them in black! the last picture came out pretty average, but you can still sort of see it! the purples not so pinky in real life, hehe.
loveyou beeee, & i'm looking foward to finally starting and completing our lists that we've had since last year! hehe, and as we speak i'm going to add the twelfth thing onto it on bebo.(: looking foward to spending this weekend with you sweets, loveyou! xx

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

34. the skirt i made.

this is the skirt that i have been working on in my textiles class the last few weeks (: the skirt fabric is like a really nice, light and silky fabric, in floral! as i'm sure you can actually see in the photos, haha. the waistband was made from this leftover black jersey fabric i used two years ago from a sweatshirt i made. i got the zip from class too, so overall it was only like $17 for the metre of fabric i had to buy. i'm really happy with how this turned out, but kinda gutted that now it's autumn and since its getting colder i wont be wearing it all the time! but hopefully it goes good with stockings or leggings so i can still wear it :) i'll probably match it with this black tankin the pictures when i wear it though, it makes it look sort of like a dress! today was fun, we had a farewell pizza lunch for one of my best friends who is moving school! which is really sad, but we have to keep in contact. haha and on the bus home, some of the older guys were trying to start a mexican wave, it got halfway round the bus then all the younger kids ruined it. haha, our bus is so exciting sometimes. (: P.S, i STILL HAVENT HEMMED IT YET. so it's abit longer than it should be! comment on what you think of the skirt! ♥

Thursday, March 18, 2010

33. chloe destina munro.

chloe. my darling :) haha we are so alike in a sort of scary way, as i know you will agree with me. our strange as laughs, maths ways and random talking is so un human like & pretty wierd. but the fact that we're both like it sort of downs the wierdness level :) or makes it higher, hahaaa. iloveyou really though :) maths is so much fun now that we're in together! yelling (talking loudly) at each other ; laughing at D & R , being total retards as we drop rulers and catch them, we have twitchy hands ! haha. and spending part of the lesson ignoring each other, just to laugh at the end and be like, I LOVE YOU ! as we hug and knock heads. we really are smart :) even having every.single.class together this year, i haven't gotten sick of you at all , yet, & it's just been heaps of fun! we even met prince william together. which was epic, and definitely way better than we thought that shopping day would be. i'm looking foward to peace pictures, solving murders with you, hopefully going into town again and getting yum as starbucks together (that was like OMFG best starbucks ever that day right?), watching each others drama things! whoop whoop. and watching the little mermaid one & two. we STILL haven't done that , i hope you realize! hehe but yea i'm very very lucky to have such an awesome friend like youu, and im hoping that you will read this and then write your blog post! as you promised whatever i suggested you to write about you would! :) and for the record, if you don't like this photo of you, i will happily change it :) just as i hope you would for me! xoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, March 13, 2010

32. wedges, sunsets & denim vests.

- look me in the eye & tell me that you are not in love with those wedges. yeah, that's what i thought :) they're not actually mine they're my mums, but thankfully we have the same shoe size so i too can wear them! they are quite high, but since its a wedge rather than a heel they're not so hard to walk in. last week we went and had dinner on plimmerton beach; that's where i took that other photo :) it was so super nice down there, me and my brother were throwing around a rugby ball and this random took would take it from us. cute, but annoying after awhile, hehe. i'm trying more & more to wear that denim vest in the third picture, i spent fourty dollars on it, which isnt usually the price i would pay for a plain denim vest but at the time i really wanted it. so my goal lately has been to wear it as much as possible :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

31. dancing with a digger.

sometimes i wonder what goes through peoples heads. haha i took these photos yesterday in wellington, while i watched Philippe Priasso dance with a digger. "It can be a big animal. It can be your partner in life." yeah, he actually said that. wow. judge and see for yourself, ♥

Saturday, February 27, 2010

30. hot summers day.

it was insanely hot today. spend most of it reading harry potter and browsing through lookbook. post later.

Friday, February 26, 2010

29. from 26th of january twenty ten. ♥

don't be jealous of our coolness :) haha these are pictures from about a month ago, me and chlo bro took in the holidays, i don't remember why i was at her house though ? haha. there were only about ten photos we took & they were all in black and white, but i realized i liked them :) the cheesy smile one makes me laugh xP we were like, okay, 'cheesy smiles!'
today on the bus home was fun :) this year nine was standing in front of another guy by the four seaters, and the bus stopped suddenly and he literally fell like face to face but in his lap. i laughed so hard and everyone joked about him being gay until he got off. haha and then later, there was this wasp and people were screaming! it ended up on my chair and i was freaking out. haha but a great bonding time with year nines and tens and a few year twelves, haha. buses equal good times.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

28. new dress,

just some random pictures i took yesterday in this vintage dress i picked up at an op shop for only $13 dollars last weekend, especially for valentines day! it's super comfy too, haha(: my earrings i got on sale for only four dollars the same day. i am most definitely a bargain hunter. it was super hot when i took these photos, we get a couple nice summer days now, near the end of february. :( mehh oh well, i guess i'm kinda over it actually. loving the slippers, pj pants and oversized hoodies, hot chocolate and tv while rain hits the window. i love winter :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

25. yellow CHOCOLATE.

YELLOW.CHOCOLATE. yes, there is such thing(: , here is AWESOME NEW ZEALAND they have made some.! me & imo were meant to go get it last week, but it turned out they sold out ! so we went after school today which was heaps of fun(: chloe came too ;) it was actually quite nice, maybe because i was hungry i enjoyed it more too, hahaa. it tasted like pinapple lumps, and like banana custard chocolatey ? haha hard to explain, but it was BRIGHT yellow like play dough(: hahaa, the packaging was cool as though ! the first photo is of meee, yeah i look really bad haha i took it like two minutes ago. the second is of imogen, with the choc(: and the last is chloe with her choc!(: we sat at this park and ate it, then after chloee left me and imo went walking 'round and had a major hardout talk, haha. got a ride home with her mum, watched home and away, and are now checking all my online stuff and writing this(: ciao. xo

Friday, February 12, 2010

24. friday tenth february.

The weather is so meehh! and it's still meant to summer,. Luckily though, we got to get out of school at 1.30 today because of a teachers thing, so i just got home and straight away put on my hoodie & PJ pants, hehe(: i just found out through polyvore that Alexander McQueen died today! He designed outfits that Rihanna and Lady Gaga wore, so sad to hear that he passed ):
so yeah school wasn't too bad today i guess, it went really slowly though. And i am now looking foward to a nice relaxing weekend! It is also Valentines Day this Sunday, and me and my best friend are going to see Valentines Day(: Because we aree each others valentines until we both get actual ones, hehe. But that'll be cool, i've been dying to see this movie for like more than six months ! When i first found out they were filming it, and being in NZ it takes even longer to get here,! but yay, finally here and in time for actual valentines day too, its perfect! that photo i took about a month ago, it was a crappy as day haha & i decided to take a few pics(: