Wednesday, January 27, 2010

17. babysitting is FUN(:

today was heaps of fun(: i babysit this guy Connor, & today was the last day i'm babysitting him for these holidays! i had to go & change my school subjects today, which was kinda cool
'coz i saw a friend
of mine there(: , but before hand we took the time out to take these auh-mazing photo's(: and yeah, my brother was also there, (he's in the background of two of them) *these haven't been edited at all!* - the pink/purple light was where we were on a playground! we took TONS of photo's but these were just a few of them(: we also fed DUCKS! which was so much fun -- cheap thrills much(: MG, - reminder of cheap thrills photos chlobro ? xo
when we got home we went down to this like waterhole thing on the golf course beneath my house that he told me about & i've been to before with them & their dog. it was soooo hot today & i got a nice tan from being out there for a few hours(: going on holiday tomorrow, a friend of mine up north has an outdoor heated pool ; gonna be spending all day everyday there(: photo's, of course. posted when i get home probably. xoxo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

16. rings & bracelets & rings & bracelets.

give me a shitty rainy and windy supposed to summers day, a camera and all my rings & bracelets, & this is what i will do (: i'm wearing about 3/4 of my bracelets, those were just the majority of them. And that is most of my rings as well. haha it was a whole lotta fun getting these all on! in the top picture you can actually see the rain on the window too, but i edited the photo's to make them brighter coz they came out super dark coz it's grey as outside. i honestly cannot believe how bad the weather is today. it's meant to be summer, and this is what we get ? ugh. ):

15. Платье с газовым поясом, расшитое пайетками,. ♥

741. your love is my drug ♥

i am in absolute LOVE with this Max Azria dress! i found it on polyvore. Yes, i know the title is in Russian, & no i do not speak any russian
at all. *mental note, learn some russian?* i had to use a translator, but the title translated means Dress with gas belt &embroidered sequins. I absolutely ADORE it ! this was the first set i used the dress in, and another i published today i used it in. It's one of those dresses i fall in love with but know i should never ever buy because it would look horrible on me, and there is nowhere i could where it to anyway. It's $190, but i'm guessing that's in american currency rather than NZ ? i'm not sure. but i just thought i'd share me obsession with all of you, so you can drool over the dress too(: ♥

14. KFC.

just thought i'd let you all know, i had KFC for the first time last night ! haha, thankyou caitlin (: popcorn chicken = delish! ♥

Friday, January 22, 2010

13. cornfields & bags.

This post is basically just a ramble about what's going on in my head at the moment on this rainy, grey, humid (supposed to be summer) day, where i am sitting at my neighbours house in jeans and an oversized singlet.

First of all, bags. No, not like shopping bags/handbags. But the saying "bags," as in "i bags that." It's like now a part of society, yano ? It's like if somebody calls, "I bags the top bunk!" everyone can just sigh because they know there is no chance of them getting that bunk because even though they may not be at the place yet, that person has just guaranteed themselves whatever the wanted because they had bagsed it before anyone else had gotten a chance to. And you can't even argue and say, "That's not fair, i wanted the top bunk!" 'coz, "But i bagsed it" will win every single time.

Cornfields. This is basically just a sharing of a real life story. I'm babysitting today, and on the way home from buying gum and icecream soda from the shops, we stopped on a concrete bridge on the golf course so the guys could throw tennis balls in the river, while i took that as an oppourtunity to lie down on my hoodie & listen to my ipod. It's only a couple minutes walk back to my place from where we were, and we have to walk along this grass part on the golf course that is surrounded by like long grass, like how it looks on a cornfield. Walking back it felt really airy, and there were a couple of black & white birds flying round, which reminded my brother of something. He started talking about how the other day him and mum were hanging the washing out outside, and they heard a scream and then like a machinery or motor engine dying. Mum got my brother to go down to the golf course to see what it was, but he couldn't see anything. When he walked down by the long grass a huge flock of the black and white birds flew out though, and he was telling me how he thought there must be like a dead body around there or something! Which i don't think he should be joking about, hellooo, The Lovely Bones much ??? So now i have this weird vision that something very very spooky might be going on ...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

12. jeans.

my amazing chloe today inspired me to do up my jeans :) i've always wanted to do it, i used to rip mine & make them into shorts and stuff but realized i'd never tried bleaching. i picked up some cheap perfect fitting denim jeans for $10, and spent thelast couple of hours in the bath,ripping/grating/cutting the jeans, then pouring/dropping/spraying/toothbrushing/painting/tie-dyingbleach onto them, all the while my iPod speaker blaring in the background :) i had these hot as plastic yellow rubber gloves on too, they were pretty awesome. after impatiently waiting for them to wash & dry, i put them on & got some photos of them, hence above. and yeah, that first one was photoshopped, by the way, coz it came out yuck 'coz of the weather. comments ?

11. ♥ polyvore.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10. tuesday ; yesterday ♥

after i got home from my optometrist appointment & bought new jeans, me and three other peeps put the sprinkler under the trampoline(: it was super super hot, so we were out there for ages. we also attempted playing soccer on our back lawn with the sprinkler going ; everyone was borrowing my glasses so we could actually see , haha . we got covered in grass, but i didn't really care 'coz i got nicely tanned anyway(: oh & that pic of of my brother and this blow up coke bottle we got off a friend of ours, it's epicly awesome. (:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

9. awesome song(:

my FAVE song, listen to it(: xxx

8. blonde .. ♥

Chloe - "oh wait, is it even open?"
"open twenty-four hours..."

we can be blonde :)

7. day in the city(:

yesterday me and chlo bro spent the day in town which was AWESOME(: it turned out a million times better than we expected, a) meeting prince william before we'd even STARTED shopping, and b) it was liek the hottest day these holidays, which we hoped for coz the day before's weather was horrible. the first pic is of our STARBUCKS. which, by the way, was absolutely amaaaazing. we ran to the waterfront to take pics before we drank it ♥ and there was this guy scubadiving in the water below, i saw his flippers and freaked out thinking it was a shark. hahaa(: the robots were in this cool as shop in town, everything in the shop was super colourful,(: -- the picture of us was in cotton on, trying on those skirts which i liked, a friend of mine already has one, i want one! haha. i also tried on these jean leggings things which were so comfy & i loved as well. you can't really see chloe's face, but i like the lighting of the pic(: the HEELS, they were in cotton on & we loved those pink ones, they were super gorgeous. the last photo was taken while we waited for ages for prince william, that chick behind us managed to get in like all of our photos! haha. it's like a super super nice day today as well, i'm thinking all day sunbathing(: i have a eye appointment in an hour, i might have to get glasses ? eeep. xo

Monday, January 18, 2010

6. prince WILLIAM.♥

today me and chloe met PRINCE WILLIAM. i have a video, but i can't be bothered waiting for it to upload to blogger ; unless someone actually REALLY wants to see it, haha. we had a big shopping day planned, and as soon as we got there we saw all these protesters, yeah we saw them even before we saw this HUGE crowd. we asked a policeman what it was, and he said Prince William would be coming out of the parliament building soon. i was super excited and wanted to wait, haha chloe didn't seem AS FUSSED, did you chlo bro(: but we totally got into it, and after fourty five mins they put up new barriers so we ran to get to the front of them (whoop!), he came out and walked round and said hello to everyone, he got around to us and said, "hello, how are you?" & shook both of hands ! me and chloe both videoed it, haha it's on her blog(: those two photos are him talking to the people next to us. oh yeah and that other random guy was standing behind us in this hardout uniform thing with medals, (plus he wore a helmet/hat) and he had this MASSIVE flag. lol i took that pic sneakily(: so yeah it was a freekin AMAZING day ! i just got home, we hung out in plimm for a couple hours with our family after having dinner on the beach(: i'll post pics from today shopping up in the morning(: xxxx

5. ugly dress kinda-makeover.

mkay well we have like a bunch of clothes in a room in our house we call the green room, (the walls are green and the rooms not really used for much) including this dress mum picked up really cheap online. it was too small so she said if it fit me and i wanted it i could have it. i hung it in her room for that first photo ; it looked really bad on haha. the second photo is a close up of the pattern. kinda like what kneesock was talking about, it can look bad until it's actually made into something. yeah this looked bad even WHEN made into something (; haha, but i attempted to see if i could get it looking better, i shortened it, gathered it most the way up to the bust, and added accessories. the result ? you tell me(:
i'm off for the day ;; write later . xo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

4. girl is he cheating on you? i said just let yourself out ♥ - tony matterhorn.

goodmorning(: these are both photo's from my room i took last week. while being on holiday with a friend, we read this article about doing over your room. we were both inspired, so we came home and attempted some of the things(: i redid my pinboard, the bottom is actually this book cover duracell stuff ; DIGIMON. epic, right ? even though you can't really see it in the pic. thats pinned on, and then heaps of cards, letters, photos and other stuff i have lying around are pinned over top, including my taylor lautner poster. *sigh*. --- now the bottles are my idea (; which i am quite proud of ; while having a mjaor clean out i came across soo many beads, so i decided to fill this empty (& yes, clean,) glass coke bottle with them ! and that monteiths beer was the first bottle of beer i drank, hehe and i shoved that with shredded newspaper. they're both sitting on my drawers, & are a nice feature if i do say so myself(:
i'm super happy that i have THREE followers ; that's pretty major for me(: so thankyou super much ! more to come(: xo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

3. for, marina(:

here are the pictures i promised marina (my amazing polyvore friend and fellow new zealander) that i would put up(: not the best photo's, & unfortunately two are in black and white, coz i tend to look better in black and white photos haha(: so yeah you can't see the colour of the skirt, but the base colour is black, and then the teeny tiny flowers are orange and purple, and there are tiny green fleck things in the background. the top is actually a supre tank with a gold bow on it, but i cute off the tags and wear it inside out so it`s just black. & there you go ! i just took that picture of just the skirt a few minutes ago (in colour) but it`s still kinda hard to see the colours properly. but anyway, this outfit looks really nice with a thin black unbuttoned cardi, btw(: xx

2. flower flower flower.

being the deficient photographer i am, i attempted a few photos outside yesterday while the weather was still nice. (: my two cats scar & zorro wouldn't leave, so the photos really ended up being of them most the time. i managed to get them to actually look at the camera a few times, but they were in love with these pink flowers, just like i was (:

1. first blog(:

first blogs are always the hardest.
never knowing what to write, what to say ; what to tell the world.
so i'm gonna make it as less awkward as i possibly can (: i'm tsehaikay, i'm fifteen years old and i live in the amazing new zealand, & this is gonna be the blog of me. i have no idea what will be in this blog, i guess we'll just have to wait and see . follow me, and i'll consider following you. (: