Saturday, January 23, 2010

15. Платье с газовым поясом, расшитое пайетками,. ♥

741. your love is my drug ♥

i am in absolute LOVE with this Max Azria dress! i found it on polyvore. Yes, i know the title is in Russian, & no i do not speak any russian
at all. *mental note, learn some russian?* i had to use a translator, but the title translated means Dress with gas belt &embroidered sequins. I absolutely ADORE it ! this was the first set i used the dress in, and another i published today i used it in. It's one of those dresses i fall in love with but know i should never ever buy because it would look horrible on me, and there is nowhere i could where it to anyway. It's $190, but i'm guessing that's in american currency rather than NZ ? i'm not sure. but i just thought i'd share me obsession with all of you, so you can drool over the dress too(: ♥

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