Saturday, February 27, 2010

30. hot summers day.

it was insanely hot today. spend most of it reading harry potter and browsing through lookbook. post later.

Friday, February 26, 2010

29. from 26th of january twenty ten. ♥

don't be jealous of our coolness :) haha these are pictures from about a month ago, me and chlo bro took in the holidays, i don't remember why i was at her house though ? haha. there were only about ten photos we took & they were all in black and white, but i realized i liked them :) the cheesy smile one makes me laugh xP we were like, okay, 'cheesy smiles!'
today on the bus home was fun :) this year nine was standing in front of another guy by the four seaters, and the bus stopped suddenly and he literally fell like face to face but in his lap. i laughed so hard and everyone joked about him being gay until he got off. haha and then later, there was this wasp and people were screaming! it ended up on my chair and i was freaking out. haha but a great bonding time with year nines and tens and a few year twelves, haha. buses equal good times.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

28. new dress,

just some random pictures i took yesterday in this vintage dress i picked up at an op shop for only $13 dollars last weekend, especially for valentines day! it's super comfy too, haha(: my earrings i got on sale for only four dollars the same day. i am most definitely a bargain hunter. it was super hot when i took these photos, we get a couple nice summer days now, near the end of february. :( mehh oh well, i guess i'm kinda over it actually. loving the slippers, pj pants and oversized hoodies, hot chocolate and tv while rain hits the window. i love winter :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

25. yellow CHOCOLATE.

YELLOW.CHOCOLATE. yes, there is such thing(: , here is AWESOME NEW ZEALAND they have made some.! me & imo were meant to go get it last week, but it turned out they sold out ! so we went after school today which was heaps of fun(: chloe came too ;) it was actually quite nice, maybe because i was hungry i enjoyed it more too, hahaa. it tasted like pinapple lumps, and like banana custard chocolatey ? haha hard to explain, but it was BRIGHT yellow like play dough(: hahaa, the packaging was cool as though ! the first photo is of meee, yeah i look really bad haha i took it like two minutes ago. the second is of imogen, with the choc(: and the last is chloe with her choc!(: we sat at this park and ate it, then after chloee left me and imo went walking 'round and had a major hardout talk, haha. got a ride home with her mum, watched home and away, and are now checking all my online stuff and writing this(: ciao. xo

Friday, February 12, 2010

24. friday tenth february.

The weather is so meehh! and it's still meant to summer,. Luckily though, we got to get out of school at 1.30 today because of a teachers thing, so i just got home and straight away put on my hoodie & PJ pants, hehe(: i just found out through polyvore that Alexander McQueen died today! He designed outfits that Rihanna and Lady Gaga wore, so sad to hear that he passed ):
so yeah school wasn't too bad today i guess, it went really slowly though. And i am now looking foward to a nice relaxing weekend! It is also Valentines Day this Sunday, and me and my best friend are going to see Valentines Day(: Because we aree each others valentines until we both get actual ones, hehe. But that'll be cool, i've been dying to see this movie for like more than six months ! When i first found out they were filming it, and being in NZ it takes even longer to get here,! but yay, finally here and in time for actual valentines day too, its perfect! that photo i took about a month ago, it was a crappy as day haha & i decided to take a few pics(:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

23. wednesday tenth february twenty ten.

I'm planning on actually getting a good start on my homework this year. Don't even mention last year, where actually doing your homework consistently was the excuse to get out of doing it. I'm going to make sure i really put my all into it this year. Maths is the worst, at interval today friends of mine T & I laughed at me and C being "math nerds." Math nerds? We were insanely crazy over the fact we couldn't figure out the answers to any of the word problems. Which, by the way, were extremely difficult. And after this i was shocked to find that in Maths later on, our beginning work was bloody simple. 'If your lively cat will not get on the scales and you want to weigh him, what do you do?' & yes, that was actually apart of our work. Me & C kept ourselves entertained by taking offence to everything we said to each other, & found Hello Halo extremely amusing. Oh the joy of Math(: Our teacher also had a talk about the 'attitudes' she is picking up in our class. M... she means you darling boyfriend. The weather has gotten worse today! Spitting as i got home. Of course we only get like a week long summer, right? No way the planet is going to let us get anymore summer sun than that. Tonight is going to be dedicated to cleaning my room, doing a lotttt of homework, and i'm thinking watching Greys ( sorry chloe(; ) again .. (:

Monday, February 8, 2010

22. an update on the murder casee (; ...

i just wanted to write this post so that i can inform chloe munro of my work on the case (: now yes, i did go to the golf course ALONE ! i'm awfully sorry, icouldn't wait any longer ! i found hundreds of those pretty cream flowers, i lined them up on a patch of grass which i thought looked quite nice! then there's the picture of me., Now i remembered from a few years ago, when me and my family often went to this bridge just a couple minutes walk on the golf course, so i decided i'd pick roughly where abouts that was and go walk to it. the grass over there was pretty overgrown, (hence, the picture of the grass going to my waist,) and i tripped a few times over logs i didn't actually realize were beneath my feet. after picking where the river was that ran through the golf course, i came across the same bridge! except,, in was going down on quite an angle now, & the end of it had like fallen. you might not be able to see it very well in the picture, but it sort of just 'dropped' onto the land on the other side. When i went by there a few years ago you could actually go underneath abit of the bridge, as there were rocks on either side and if you ducked you could walk beneath it. Yeah, not anymore! The flowers were really nice though, gave the crime scene abit more prettyness i guess :) but i still think it's the perfect place for a scary physco murderer! There are a lotttt of places to look on the golf course though, alot of it is knee high dry grass. But you know what, i think we can DO IT CHLOE ! we will solve this case D:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

21. ♥

homework homework homework. kinda okay, i guess, 'coz i haven't had it in so long that i'm not embarrassed to say i'm actually enjoying it. for today, at least. the next lot of homework i get i'll be hating, haha. but at least in just today i've worked myself to a few credits, so that's good, right :) i am so so drained and tired, and the sun takes it out of me even more. i'm been busy, and no matter how much sleep i get still manage to feel tired. but i'm happy 'coz i could be going up to auckland in some of the coming holidays, stay in an amaaazing hotel, right my the shops & the water & waihike island(: maybe even take a friend ? if someone actually wanted to go, lmao.
oh and by the way, the picture is of one of my cats, zorro. lets just say i'm not the only one who likes scarfs :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

20. just call me susie ..

i have an update on my post a few weeks ago about the cornfields and scary stuff in the golf course below my house! i was just walking home from a friends, ; it's 11am atm, and i walked past a man who lives at the very end of my street, and a house around the corner , who i havent actually seen before, and he looks SO MUCH like george harvey from the movie! if you haven't seen it or don't remember the names, thats the KILLER. eeeep. just call me susie salmon ...

Friday, February 5, 2010

19. tip toe ...

this song was ALL WE COULD SING when at my friends up north, watch it(: his facials are priceless.

18. SCHOOL&holidaayy

wow, i realized i havent written in a long time, so i thought i'd post a few pics from my holiday. (: i went up north to stay with family, and then with friends. the first pic is of me and my cousins dog(: i absolutely love her ! her name is harriet :) haha me and my cousin would spend hours watching Greys episodes in my aunty & uncles room ,, harriet would never leave our side(: shes gorgeous. the second photo was in my older cousins room where i was staying, haha ihad just got back from the beach and was bumming around for awhile being bored., hahaa. the next is from that next night,, mainly tryna get the heels in the photo(: they we gorgeous FAX peep toe bow heels! :D and i'm wearing the jeans i did myself toooo. the last photo was the day before i went to stay at my mates, and i was waiting in the car, reading & listnening to music while my rents went to this pub to meet up with someone for abit. i drank ice cold lemonade from a takeaway cup(: hahaa., the pic it looks like i'm only wearing my YSL top ? haha i thought i had shorts on , maybe not lmao(: i'll post more pics later, xx(: eep today was the second day back at school, most are my classes are alright but the bus is sooo effin crowded and full of lil year nines ): there was this one chick there tho that i dint know and we spent the whole time liek laughing coz we kept falling over ,, a new friend perhaps ? (: xo