Wednesday, February 10, 2010

23. wednesday tenth february twenty ten.

I'm planning on actually getting a good start on my homework this year. Don't even mention last year, where actually doing your homework consistently was the excuse to get out of doing it. I'm going to make sure i really put my all into it this year. Maths is the worst, at interval today friends of mine T & I laughed at me and C being "math nerds." Math nerds? We were insanely crazy over the fact we couldn't figure out the answers to any of the word problems. Which, by the way, were extremely difficult. And after this i was shocked to find that in Maths later on, our beginning work was bloody simple. 'If your lively cat will not get on the scales and you want to weigh him, what do you do?' & yes, that was actually apart of our work. Me & C kept ourselves entertained by taking offence to everything we said to each other, & found Hello Halo extremely amusing. Oh the joy of Math(: Our teacher also had a talk about the 'attitudes' she is picking up in our class. M... she means you darling boyfriend. The weather has gotten worse today! Spitting as i got home. Of course we only get like a week long summer, right? No way the planet is going to let us get anymore summer sun than that. Tonight is going to be dedicated to cleaning my room, doing a lotttt of homework, and i'm thinking watching Greys ( sorry chloe(; ) again .. (:

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  1. ITS Grays anotomy ANATOMY. :L na jokes hahaha HELLO HALO :)