Friday, February 5, 2010

18. SCHOOL&holidaayy

wow, i realized i havent written in a long time, so i thought i'd post a few pics from my holiday. (: i went up north to stay with family, and then with friends. the first pic is of me and my cousins dog(: i absolutely love her ! her name is harriet :) haha me and my cousin would spend hours watching Greys episodes in my aunty & uncles room ,, harriet would never leave our side(: shes gorgeous. the second photo was in my older cousins room where i was staying, haha ihad just got back from the beach and was bumming around for awhile being bored., hahaa. the next is from that next night,, mainly tryna get the heels in the photo(: they we gorgeous FAX peep toe bow heels! :D and i'm wearing the jeans i did myself toooo. the last photo was the day before i went to stay at my mates, and i was waiting in the car, reading & listnening to music while my rents went to this pub to meet up with someone for abit. i drank ice cold lemonade from a takeaway cup(: hahaa., the pic it looks like i'm only wearing my YSL top ? haha i thought i had shorts on , maybe not lmao(: i'll post more pics later, xx(: eep today was the second day back at school, most are my classes are alright but the bus is sooo effin crowded and full of lil year nines ): there was this one chick there tho that i dint know and we spent the whole time liek laughing coz we kept falling over ,, a new friend perhaps ? (: xo

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