Friday, February 26, 2010

29. from 26th of january twenty ten. ♥

don't be jealous of our coolness :) haha these are pictures from about a month ago, me and chlo bro took in the holidays, i don't remember why i was at her house though ? haha. there were only about ten photos we took & they were all in black and white, but i realized i liked them :) the cheesy smile one makes me laugh xP we were like, okay, 'cheesy smiles!'
today on the bus home was fun :) this year nine was standing in front of another guy by the four seaters, and the bus stopped suddenly and he literally fell like face to face but in his lap. i laughed so hard and everyone joked about him being gay until he got off. haha and then later, there was this wasp and people were screaming! it ended up on my chair and i was freaking out. haha but a great bonding time with year nines and tens and a few year twelves, haha. buses equal good times.


  1. hahaha yeh i cant remember why you were at my house either... hmm anyways :L cheesy smiles :)
    i would have laughed so much if i was on your bus!