Monday, February 8, 2010

22. an update on the murder casee (; ...

i just wanted to write this post so that i can inform chloe munro of my work on the case (: now yes, i did go to the golf course ALONE ! i'm awfully sorry, icouldn't wait any longer ! i found hundreds of those pretty cream flowers, i lined them up on a patch of grass which i thought looked quite nice! then there's the picture of me., Now i remembered from a few years ago, when me and my family often went to this bridge just a couple minutes walk on the golf course, so i decided i'd pick roughly where abouts that was and go walk to it. the grass over there was pretty overgrown, (hence, the picture of the grass going to my waist,) and i tripped a few times over logs i didn't actually realize were beneath my feet. after picking where the river was that ran through the golf course, i came across the same bridge! except,, in was going down on quite an angle now, & the end of it had like fallen. you might not be able to see it very well in the picture, but it sort of just 'dropped' onto the land on the other side. When i went by there a few years ago you could actually go underneath abit of the bridge, as there were rocks on either side and if you ducked you could walk beneath it. Yeah, not anymore! The flowers were really nice though, gave the crime scene abit more prettyness i guess :) but i still think it's the perfect place for a scary physco murderer! There are a lotttt of places to look on the golf course though, alot of it is knee high dry grass. But you know what, i think we can DO IT CHLOE ! we will solve this case D:


  1. OMGE WE WILL DO IT! WE WILL SOLVE THIS CASE!!!! :D :D i think our first stop will be under the bride :D