Sunday, February 7, 2010

21. ♥

homework homework homework. kinda okay, i guess, 'coz i haven't had it in so long that i'm not embarrassed to say i'm actually enjoying it. for today, at least. the next lot of homework i get i'll be hating, haha. but at least in just today i've worked myself to a few credits, so that's good, right :) i am so so drained and tired, and the sun takes it out of me even more. i'm been busy, and no matter how much sleep i get still manage to feel tired. but i'm happy 'coz i could be going up to auckland in some of the coming holidays, stay in an amaaazing hotel, right my the shops & the water & waihike island(: maybe even take a friend ? if someone actually wanted to go, lmao.
oh and by the way, the picture is of one of my cats, zorro. lets just say i'm not the only one who likes scarfs :)

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  1. PSSSt PSSSt tsehai over here! shhh dont talk so loudly. i think you should take me but SHH dont yell with joy ! :L just kidding, no pressure tho xD no no dont worry i might be going to australia anyways.. in my dreams :/ haha naa