Monday, February 15, 2010

25. yellow CHOCOLATE.

YELLOW.CHOCOLATE. yes, there is such thing(: , here is AWESOME NEW ZEALAND they have made some.! me & imo were meant to go get it last week, but it turned out they sold out ! so we went after school today which was heaps of fun(: chloe came too ;) it was actually quite nice, maybe because i was hungry i enjoyed it more too, hahaa. it tasted like pinapple lumps, and like banana custard chocolatey ? haha hard to explain, but it was BRIGHT yellow like play dough(: hahaa, the packaging was cool as though ! the first photo is of meee, yeah i look really bad haha i took it like two minutes ago. the second is of imogen, with the choc(: and the last is chloe with her choc!(: we sat at this park and ate it, then after chloee left me and imo went walking 'round and had a major hardout talk, haha. got a ride home with her mum, watched home and away, and are now checking all my online stuff and writing this(: ciao. xo


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