Monday, January 18, 2010

5. ugly dress kinda-makeover.

mkay well we have like a bunch of clothes in a room in our house we call the green room, (the walls are green and the rooms not really used for much) including this dress mum picked up really cheap online. it was too small so she said if it fit me and i wanted it i could have it. i hung it in her room for that first photo ; it looked really bad on haha. the second photo is a close up of the pattern. kinda like what kneesock was talking about, it can look bad until it's actually made into something. yeah this looked bad even WHEN made into something (; haha, but i attempted to see if i could get it looking better, i shortened it, gathered it most the way up to the bust, and added accessories. the result ? you tell me(:
i'm off for the day ;; write later . xo