Sunday, January 17, 2010

4. girl is he cheating on you? i said just let yourself out ♥ - tony matterhorn.

goodmorning(: these are both photo's from my room i took last week. while being on holiday with a friend, we read this article about doing over your room. we were both inspired, so we came home and attempted some of the things(: i redid my pinboard, the bottom is actually this book cover duracell stuff ; DIGIMON. epic, right ? even though you can't really see it in the pic. thats pinned on, and then heaps of cards, letters, photos and other stuff i have lying around are pinned over top, including my taylor lautner poster. *sigh*. --- now the bottles are my idea (; which i am quite proud of ; while having a mjaor clean out i came across soo many beads, so i decided to fill this empty (& yes, clean,) glass coke bottle with them ! and that monteiths beer was the first bottle of beer i drank, hehe and i shoved that with shredded newspaper. they're both sitting on my drawers, & are a nice feature if i do say so myself(:
i'm super happy that i have THREE followers ; that's pretty major for me(: so thankyou super much ! more to come(: xo

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