Saturday, January 16, 2010

3. for, marina(:

here are the pictures i promised marina (my amazing polyvore friend and fellow new zealander) that i would put up(: not the best photo's, & unfortunately two are in black and white, coz i tend to look better in black and white photos haha(: so yeah you can't see the colour of the skirt, but the base colour is black, and then the teeny tiny flowers are orange and purple, and there are tiny green fleck things in the background. the top is actually a supre tank with a gold bow on it, but i cute off the tags and wear it inside out so it`s just black. & there you go ! i just took that picture of just the skirt a few minutes ago (in colour) but it`s still kinda hard to see the colours properly. but anyway, this outfit looks really nice with a thin black unbuttoned cardi, btw(: xx


  1. I look better in black & white too, haha. nice post! I'm your first follower. x]

  2. Thats a cute little skirt and i think its a good idea to show some colour pictures and some black and white pictures :)

  3. I love those pictures(: the skirt is so pretty.