Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7. day in the city(:

yesterday me and chlo bro spent the day in town which was AWESOME(: it turned out a million times better than we expected, a) meeting prince william before we'd even STARTED shopping, and b) it was liek the hottest day these holidays, which we hoped for coz the day before's weather was horrible. the first pic is of our STARBUCKS. which, by the way, was absolutely amaaaazing. we ran to the waterfront to take pics before we drank it ♥ and there was this guy scubadiving in the water below, i saw his flippers and freaked out thinking it was a shark. hahaa(: the robots were in this cool as shop in town, everything in the shop was super colourful,(: -- the picture of us was in cotton on, trying on those skirts which i liked, a friend of mine already has one, i want one! haha. i also tried on these jean leggings things which were so comfy & i loved as well. you can't really see chloe's face, but i like the lighting of the pic(: the HEELS, they were in cotton on & we loved those pink ones, they were super gorgeous. the last photo was taken while we waited for ages for prince william, that chick behind us managed to get in like all of our photos! haha. it's like a super super nice day today as well, i'm thinking all day sunbathing(: i have a eye appointment in an hour, i might have to get glasses ? eeep. xo


  1. hehe the first three pics are my amazing photography ;) yuss hehe

  2. wait no the first and the third :D