Friday, January 22, 2010

13. cornfields & bags.

This post is basically just a ramble about what's going on in my head at the moment on this rainy, grey, humid (supposed to be summer) day, where i am sitting at my neighbours house in jeans and an oversized singlet.

First of all, bags. No, not like shopping bags/handbags. But the saying "bags," as in "i bags that." It's like now a part of society, yano ? It's like if somebody calls, "I bags the top bunk!" everyone can just sigh because they know there is no chance of them getting that bunk because even though they may not be at the place yet, that person has just guaranteed themselves whatever the wanted because they had bagsed it before anyone else had gotten a chance to. And you can't even argue and say, "That's not fair, i wanted the top bunk!" 'coz, "But i bagsed it" will win every single time.

Cornfields. This is basically just a sharing of a real life story. I'm babysitting today, and on the way home from buying gum and icecream soda from the shops, we stopped on a concrete bridge on the golf course so the guys could throw tennis balls in the river, while i took that as an oppourtunity to lie down on my hoodie & listen to my ipod. It's only a couple minutes walk back to my place from where we were, and we have to walk along this grass part on the golf course that is surrounded by like long grass, like how it looks on a cornfield. Walking back it felt really airy, and there were a couple of black & white birds flying round, which reminded my brother of something. He started talking about how the other day him and mum were hanging the washing out outside, and they heard a scream and then like a machinery or motor engine dying. Mum got my brother to go down to the golf course to see what it was, but he couldn't see anything. When he walked down by the long grass a huge flock of the black and white birds flew out though, and he was telling me how he thought there must be like a dead body around there or something! Which i don't think he should be joking about, hellooo, The Lovely Bones much ??? So now i have this weird vision that something very very spooky might be going on ...


  1. :O :O we should do a Stand By Me moment and go search the area :D it would be actually the most scary thing ever but still we should! i bags doing it with you!! lmao jokes

  2. haha no seriously that would be good! we can dig up stuff ;) nah jk no digging ! but we should search through the grass. never know what we might find