Saturday, January 23, 2010

16. rings & bracelets & rings & bracelets.

give me a shitty rainy and windy supposed to summers day, a camera and all my rings & bracelets, & this is what i will do (: i'm wearing about 3/4 of my bracelets, those were just the majority of them. And that is most of my rings as well. haha it was a whole lotta fun getting these all on! in the top picture you can actually see the rain on the window too, but i edited the photo's to make them brighter coz they came out super dark coz it's grey as outside. i honestly cannot believe how bad the weather is today. it's meant to be summer, and this is what we get ? ugh. ):

1 comment:

  1. I LIKE! They look quite cool all together actually, very hippie if you like that type of thing.

    But some of the rings and the bangles are unique pieces.