Monday, January 18, 2010

6. prince WILLIAM.♥

today me and chloe met PRINCE WILLIAM. i have a video, but i can't be bothered waiting for it to upload to blogger ; unless someone actually REALLY wants to see it, haha. we had a big shopping day planned, and as soon as we got there we saw all these protesters, yeah we saw them even before we saw this HUGE crowd. we asked a policeman what it was, and he said Prince William would be coming out of the parliament building soon. i was super excited and wanted to wait, haha chloe didn't seem AS FUSSED, did you chlo bro(: but we totally got into it, and after fourty five mins they put up new barriers so we ran to get to the front of them (whoop!), he came out and walked round and said hello to everyone, he got around to us and said, "hello, how are you?" & shook both of hands ! me and chloe both videoed it, haha it's on her blog(: those two photos are him talking to the people next to us. oh yeah and that other random guy was standing behind us in this hardout uniform thing with medals, (plus he wore a helmet/hat) and he had this MASSIVE flag. lol i took that pic sneakily(: so yeah it was a freekin AMAZING day ! i just got home, we hung out in plimm for a couple hours with our family after having dinner on the beach(: i'll post pics from today shopping up in the morning(: xxxx

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  1. gottah love willy boy ;)
    totally awesome day !
    i know i wasnt as fussed to start with but by the time he came out i so was it was exciting ! :D :D haha