Thursday, March 18, 2010

33. chloe destina munro.

chloe. my darling :) haha we are so alike in a sort of scary way, as i know you will agree with me. our strange as laughs, maths ways and random talking is so un human like & pretty wierd. but the fact that we're both like it sort of downs the wierdness level :) or makes it higher, hahaaa. iloveyou really though :) maths is so much fun now that we're in together! yelling (talking loudly) at each other ; laughing at D & R , being total retards as we drop rulers and catch them, we have twitchy hands ! haha. and spending part of the lesson ignoring each other, just to laugh at the end and be like, I LOVE YOU ! as we hug and knock heads. we really are smart :) even having every.single.class together this year, i haven't gotten sick of you at all , yet, & it's just been heaps of fun! we even met prince william together. which was epic, and definitely way better than we thought that shopping day would be. i'm looking foward to peace pictures, solving murders with you, hopefully going into town again and getting yum as starbucks together (that was like OMFG best starbucks ever that day right?), watching each others drama things! whoop whoop. and watching the little mermaid one & two. we STILL haven't done that , i hope you realize! hehe but yea i'm very very lucky to have such an awesome friend like youu, and im hoping that you will read this and then write your blog post! as you promised whatever i suggested you to write about you would! :) and for the record, if you don't like this photo of you, i will happily change it :) just as i hope you would for me! xoxoxoxoxox


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG :) i just got home from dancing havent really been home yet except for an hour after school so i just saw this. hahaha i love yu babes :D we are such DOWNERS in maths! its like our "lets pretend to hate each other and be bitches and yell really loudly and be dicks" class. other wise known as LPTHEOABBAYRLABD. pronounced Theo.a.bayer.laabd. the LP is silent at the start. remind me to put that in the one of you im doing tomorrow :D haha also if there's any requests for photo's you would like me to use leave a comment :) i know! im not sick of you! (yet) hehehe. prince william + shopping + starbucks = totally effn awesome maddness. oh yeah! LM1&2! i still can never find those dvds and video ezy... haha i hope to solve many murders in future with you dahl! ill probabaly use half of this in my thing about you :L good fun food gun. omge. good fun = food gun. thats. so. cool. P.S this photo is fine. im limited to good photo's of me so this comes in the thank-god-its-not-obviously-hideous-hulk. category. wow. im tired.
    night!!! 8.30 = early night :D :D :D :D :D === not tired tomorrow. hopefully.
    love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! and guess what! i didnt even copy and paste that! no im kidding i did. idont have time to waste writing SO a whole lot of times. i have a life. kind of.
    okay im going now.
    or am i?
    i hope this amuses you.
    its supposed to.
    yeah thats right.
    i went there.
    mmm hmmmmmmm.
    oh no you di'int.
    love you.

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