Saturday, March 13, 2010

32. wedges, sunsets & denim vests.

- look me in the eye & tell me that you are not in love with those wedges. yeah, that's what i thought :) they're not actually mine they're my mums, but thankfully we have the same shoe size so i too can wear them! they are quite high, but since its a wedge rather than a heel they're not so hard to walk in. last week we went and had dinner on plimmerton beach; that's where i took that other photo :) it was so super nice down there, me and my brother were throwing around a rugby ball and this random took would take it from us. cute, but annoying after awhile, hehe. i'm trying more & more to wear that denim vest in the third picture, i spent fourty dollars on it, which isnt usually the price i would pay for a plain denim vest but at the time i really wanted it. so my goal lately has been to wear it as much as possible :)

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